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Lady reveals how karma came quickly to a guy that ridiculed her.

A lady has revealed how karma came quickly for a  guy who ridiculed her,

According to her, she  at the bus stop waiting to board a keke home after school, when the keke arrived, it was almost filled up, since she will not be getting to the last bus stop,  she pleaded with the guy at the extreme to let sit  at the extreme,  but the guy looked at her from head to toe and  arrogantly sighed and still did not give in to her request, and now she asked for a heavy rain.

She wrote :something funny happened to day on my way back, so after school I was heading to the keke junction at IMT to get phase6 keke, I got to this particular keke and it happens that the back was almost preoccupied  just one person left,  and there was this guy at the extreme, so I  begged him to allow me stay at the extreme that I won’t be reaching the last bus stop, babe just looked at me from head to toe and arrogantly sighed, and just get down for me to enter!! Omoo  I just started laughing because so funny how he sighed like a girl.i just entered jejely o and get squeezed in the middle of him and the another lady,  so talking with my intuitive , I was like God please send down heavy rain.

lo and below getting towards flyover it was already raining but just a bit , I was like God bikoun increase the rain small na asin jokingly o  on getting to dhamilja omo see heavy rain like this!!! The guy and the flyers he was carrying were seriously battling and was like I don’t like this type of body contact oo abge try to hold yourself small ,the lady beside too was struggling her way but we are more like together and she started laughing, honestly I made the guy so uncomfortable ehn that he has to drop before his destination.

Karma is real butches, but his own came too quickly oo, eiyah! I won’t forget to day God truly answered my small wish.


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